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Seth MacFarlane was funny tonight (the cis-scum white male perspective)

and tumblr is being reactionary group of unfunny social justice crybabies they love to be, because oh how we love to feel victimized and oppressed by every joke.

For instance:

"Seth did a song about seeing womens boobs in movies, he’s objectifying women"

Nope, just singing a song about nude scenes. Aren’t we all about being proud of our bodies on this site? I didn’t see him imply anything wrong about appearing nude in any film.

"He made a joke about foreign actors accents! WHAT A RACIST"

No, he just said that they were hard to understand, which I, even as someone who has spent a lot of time around people with accents, can have difficulty with. And for the record, every culture everywhere makes fun of other people butchering their language. Have you ever studied abroad? I guarantee you will be made fun of for your accent. Across cultural and ethnic boundaries, we all love to make fun of the person who can’t speak our language.

"Seth made a joke about Chris Brown, he’s making light of domestic abuse"

This one may actually hold weight, but I think it’s good that America is constantly reminded that Chris Brown beat the living shit out of a woman, and if jokes are the only way we keep that in the public eye, so be it.

"Seth said women are naggy, what a misogynist"

yeah, he said women are naggy, playing an age old and relatively harmless stereotype (to say the stereotype that all blacks are criminals). It was harmless.

The only thing I really can see there being issue with is the joke about the 9 year old dating Clooney, simply because that joke involved a 9 year old, but in the end I think the joke was more aimed at clooney, but maybe she wasn’t the best vessel, but unless she or her parents are upset about it, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

Basically, tumblr went into this award show looking to be victimized by someone they think is low brow humor and beneath them. If those jokes had come out tumblr darling (and my personal favorite) Jon Stewarts mouth (who tells similar jokes ALL THE TIME), they would have been loved and embraced. We came into this wanting to crucify the Family Guy to show how intelligent we were, but we really only came off petty and dickish.

MacFarlane did really well tonight, far above my expectation, and with the exception of a few envelope pushers, managed to keep the show’s humor relatively high brow. That Gone With The Wind bit was hilarious. I was expecting “dick and fart jokes”, and he actually had some super clever material, and his dick and fart jokes were top notch.

maybe instead of getting offended at every joke we could pay attention to bullshit like this which is actually detrimental, racist and matters.

Take care of each other. As always I welcome all dissenting opinions.

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